March 11 2019, Audi Lauzon

Who do a Wheel Alignment?

Who do a Wheel Alignment?

Following the difficult Winter we are experiencing, the Audi Blainville Service, on the North Shore of Montreal, suggests that you proceed with a wheel alignment of your Audi vehicle, so that you can ensure their parallelism.

Numerous potholes, damaged pavement, curbs and normal suspension wear are among the main causes of wheel misalignment. It is therefore recommended to check the alignment of the wheels once a year or following a violent impact.

If your vehicle tends to pull to the left or right, it is very likely a wheel alignment is needed.

The main advantages of perfect alignment are:

- To avoid the uneven or premature wear of your tires
- To have better control of your vehicle
- The reduction of consumption because of the reduction of friction on the road, and therefore a reduction of pollution.

For all these excellent reasons, your Audi Blainville Service Center offers you the following promotion, by clicking here.