December 13 2018,

How to understand the new nomenclatures of Audi vehicles?

How to understand the new nomenclatures of Audi vehicles?

For its 2019 models, Audi has adopted a new nomenclature to harmonize the designation of powers on its range of vehicles.

Each vehicle will be identified by a two-digit number, ranging from 25 to 70, depending on its horsepower or kW (for electric vehicles). According to Audi, this new way of doing will make it easier to compare the different powers of its vehicles, whether they are thermal, hybrid or electric.

For example, the new 2019 A6, A7 and A8, got the suffix 55 TFSI, since their engine develops 335 hp. We will talk about the A6 55 TFSI, A7 55 TFSI and A8 L 55 TFSI.

This new two-digit reference is displayed at the rear of the vehicles and is always accompanied by engine technology: TFSI, TDI or e-tron. The only exceptions to this rule at this time are the S, RS and R8 models. These retain their classic nomenclatures, because of their superior position in the Audi family.

Here is a small table that summarizes the new nomenclatures of Audi models:

less than 110hp
less than 80 kW
110hp - 131hp
81 kW - 96 kW
145hp - 164hp
110 kW - 120 kW
170hp - 204hp
125 kW - 150 kW
218hp - 252hp
160 kW - 185 kW
272hp - 312hp
200 kW - 230 kW
333hp - 374hp
245 kW - 275 kW
435hp - 462hp
320 kW - 340 kW
544hp and +
400 kW and +