June 15 2016, Audi Lauzon

Android Auto and the Audi MMI

Android Auto and the Audi MMI

What is Android Auto?

Fundamentally, a lighter version of the Android mobile operating system from Google, specifically design to enable better connectivity with Android phones and your automobile infotainment system. Thus, the Audi MMI multimedia technology allows you to manage varied functions from your Android smartphone, with the assistance of the scroll wheel and touch pad. The central screen becomes a remote display of your device but offers a much simpler interface. It can be operated using Google Now, voice control, so as not to distract the driver.

Here are some of Android Auto main features:
- Navigation and GPS
- Access to your music library
- Access to web radio
- Phone system (Skype…)
- Reading and writing of text message
- Web search

Android Auto Google Maps

Android Auto and the Audi MMI - Contacts

Android Auto and the Audi MMI - Google Play Music

Applications compatible with existing functionality will later be add to help maximize your daily commute. Furthermore, your mobile phone will have access to much information about your vehicle. Traffic congestion in the greater Montreal area will no longer be a setback to your workday. Thanks to Android Auto and Audi you can remain productive.

It will be available soon in the 2017 Audi A4 and the 2017 Audi Q7, in the greater Montreal, at Audi Lauzon in Laval.

Contact our Audi specialists today to learn more about these models and the possibilities offered by Android Auto.