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2400, boul. Chomedey in Laval


Lease Benefit from comprehensive and expert services to benefit fully from the Audi Finance Leasing Program in Laval on Montreral’s North Shore: come to Audi Lauzon and speak with our specialists! Leasing an Audi is the perfect financing choice for those drivers who want more Audi for the money. With a lease, you pay for the use of the vehicle. So your monthly payments are typically lower than a vehicle purchase. This frees your cash flow to pursue other passions in your life.

For all these reasons, leases have become very popular. A lease offers flexible terms between 12 and 60 months. And as your lease term ends, these are two ways to continue your Audi relationship:Purchase your Audi. Audi Finance offers choices on financing your purchase. See your Audi Lauzon dealer for more details.

Purchase your Audi. Audi Finance offers choices on financing your purchase. See your Audi Lauzon dealer for more details. Turn in your current Audi and lease or buy a brand new Audi.

Kilometres Options

By choosing to lease, you have the opportunity to custom-tailor the kilometres allotment to suit your driving habits. Here’s how that works. The typical lease allows 25,000 kilometres of driving a year. If you drive more than 25,000 kilometres per year, you’ll pay a standard kilometre fee for any excess kilometres at the end of the lease. But if you know, right from the start, that you will drive more than 25,000 kilometres a year, you can buy upfront kilometres at a discount. If you drive less, you may want to consider our 20,000 kilometre per year lease. Either way, you’re in control.

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